Great news! As we are preparing the release of our EP, the amazing Wonderland Magazine premiered our single ‘Dirt’. Although the official release date is set the 21st of October, you can already listen here! We’re very proud of this one and an amazing music video is coming up for this one.

“Dirt” is proof that DOOXS know exactly what they are doing. Kicking off with a light beat and Djoeke’s light and airy vocals that will transport you into a dream-like trance, “Dirt” has everything that an electronic track should. The dark synths and icy electronics are intricately layered and build up to a chorus of intense vocals layered over deep basses, blending background textures and hints of dub. “Dirt” is a track where the bass shakes your bones and you’re taken away from the world into a electronic, dub-infused, minimal paradise.

Read the full article here…

In preparation for our EP release in November, we will release 2 singles: ‘Dirt’ and ‘Fall’ in the upcoming weeks. ‘Dirt’ will be available in stores from the 21st of October.

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